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You can have confidence that Fruition Design and Build Pty Ltd will deliver your project, as Brett brings over 14 years’ experience in the Construction Industry. Brett’s experience in both Architecture and Building Construction provides a healthy understanding of all the parameters that underpin a successful project.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Western Australia in 2001, Brett transitioned from architecture to the Building Industry in 2004 and has since achieved a Practitioner Building Licence: 14334 and Contractor Building Licence: 65614. This unique combination of skills ensures a balance of creativity with building sensibilities within all his projects.


Brett’s career has been diverse - working for Multinational Companies such as Woodhead International Architects and John Holland Pty Ltd but also West Australian based companies such as Access Architects PM+D and other boutique builders. His roles within those companies have included that of Architect, Site Engineer, Contracts Administrator, Site Supervisor and Project Manager.


While Brett has worked on large Commercial Projects such as the ABC Offices/Studios in East Perth and the Refurbishment of the East Perth Power Station, it is his work building luxury houses between 2006 and 2014 where he gained his experience in the Residential Design and Build Market. During this period Brett had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most prominent and cutting edge Architects in the Perth residential sector gaining an understanding of finer detailing both in design and construction methods.


The attributes required for a luxury build include a high level of attention to detail, organisation, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, problem solving and professionalism. These attributes will be bought to your design and/or build project no matter how large or small.


We are based in Victoria Park and service the Perth metro area. Contact Brett Tasker today.



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Brett Tasker
Managing Director

Fruition Design & Build are based in Victoria Park, servicing the Perth metro area.